Empty Bottle Review: Biologique Recherche Lait U + Lotion P50 PIGM 400

My obsession with French skincare began with Biologique Recherce P50 1970, that worth-the-smell toner I simply cannot live without. Like any good gateway drug, it led me to explore the brand even further, so today I wanted to share two of the other products I’ve tried from this line.

First up is Lait U. My first foray into cream cleansers was actually Liz Earle (which I also really like). I had been using cleansing oils for several years, which was my preferred way to remove makeup. But as my hormonal acne got worse, I decided oil cleanser may not be the best idea (an esthetician confirmed this in a much less subtle way).

Enter Lait U. I actually contacted my favorite NYC beauty spot and BR dealer, Rescue Spa, for an online consultation while I was still living back in Detroit. I filled out their questionnaire and sent some photos of my face and current regimen. They recommended using Lait U not just in the evening, but it the morning as well as a gentle cleanser that wouldn’t send me out into the world with a dry face (since that only means more oil production). I found it was a soothing way to wake my skin up and remove all my skincare products (including eye cream) from the night before. The texture is perfectly creamy and fluid so I can spread it quickly and easily over my face. It also removes waterproof makeup like a dream. In the morning I just using my hands, and at night I used a clean muslin cloth for a little exfoliation and to get all the makeup.

They have a more intense version, Lait VIP O2, but I tried a sample and honestly didn’t notice a difference, so I prefer the much more affordable Lait U. This has definitely become a staple for me.

My second pick is Lotion P50 PIGM 400. This version of the classic toner isn’t as harsh as the OG formula, but I’m a twice-a-day toner gal and like having a little chemical exfoliation at night as well. This toner helps with skin tone and hyperpigmentation, so I picked it up to deal with post-acne marks. Using it in combination with retinol and vitamin C definitely helped me improve the tone of my skin and I’ve noticed marks fade much more quickly than they used to. However, after using the full bottle, I definitely still have marks so I am in no way saying this is a miracle worker.

If you want to try the P50 toner without going to the strongest level yet, this is a good place to start evening your skin tone. There’s no burning or stinging and it’s a solid way to balance your skin and prep it for your other nighttime products.

That’s all for this round…I’ll be back soon with more BR reviews. The addiction shows no sign of letting up.

See what else I’ve used up here.

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