Empty Bottle Review: Hexomedine

Acne is the longest relationship I’ve ever been in. And man is he an asshole.

I have tried many a spot treatment, from the stinky pink formulas in vials that smell like rotten eggs to the old school tubes of gel that made your face peel off in high school. I used it all and was ready to write them off as a brilliant marketing stunt. Thankfully, I found Hexomedine and I will never go back.

I was getting deep into my French skincare obsession last year when I read this entry on my favorite beauty blog, Into The Gloss. After looking the stuff up and seeing how relatively cheap it was ($14), I thought, why the hell not. I had been dealing with deep, cystic acne on my jawline since my late 20s (hormones are AWESOME) and the worst thing about them is how long they take to go away. Give me anything to end this misery.

Just dip a cotton swab into the jar for a few seconds and apply to the pimple. You may get a tiny sting but nothing bad at all. Let it dry and it’s like it was never there. No residue, no flaking off, no stickiness, nothing. The best part is you can layer it different ways. On clean skin, on top of serums, on top of moisturizer — I’ve tried it all and it’s never failed. No negative side effects when layered with glycolic or other acids. Just be sure to use a clean end of the cotton swab every time you dip to avoid getting remnants of other products or oils from your skin in the jar.

When I use this, a large, cystic pimple that normally takes a week or so to go away is history in three days, shrinking more and more each day. And smaller zits have virtually disappeared in 24 hours.

It is the first spot treatment I have ever used until the last drop. Go forth, my fellow hormonal ladies, and give your jawlines some love.

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