Empty Bottle Review: Son & Park Beauty Water

I’m a girl who loves toner. I love the tingle on freshly cleansed skin and really do see the balancing benefits of using one daily. But when it came to micellar water, I called bullshit. Hard. Especially when I tried the French pharmacy fave Bioderma and nearly ripped out all my eyelashes trying to remove my waterpoof mascara. I wanted to love you boo, I really did.

So when I kept hearing about a Korean skincare product called Beauty Water from Son & Park, my bullshit meter started going off. But after looking into it a bit more, I learned it was more a toner than a micellar water (in fact, using the word “water” in the name makes it a bit confusing, IMO). I picked up a bottle and tried using it in place of my regular nighttime toner, the Treatment Toner from my all-time favorite K-beauty brand, AMOREPACIFIC.

I wasn’t a fan.

I didn’t feel it did enough for my oily skin, and after a couple of weeks, I put it in a drawer and left it there for a few months.

However, being a good Midwesterner who doesn’t believe in waste, I hated the thought of throwing out a product I didn’t have an adverse reaction to. Was I just not using it properly? After reading more reviews online, I thought the best spot for it would be after my cleanser or mask and before my toner. I thought to try it this way after a mask with a distinct brown color (review to come). I thought I had gotten it all off but after swiping a cotton pad soaked in Beauty Water on my face, I saw how much was left behind.


I now use Beauty Water every morning and evening to remove any cleanser or mask residue, and I have to say, it’s worked wonders. My skin absorbs product better with this added dose of hydration and it absorbs so quickly.

I finally bought a small refillable bottle so I can travel with it, since I genuinely notice a difference when I don’t use it for a week or so. My skin looks more dull and I tend to get more zits.

No drying, no burning. So hydrating. I am a convert (although I still think micellar water is lame).

See what else I’ve used up here.

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