Brand Spotlight: My Top Glossier Picks

To me, beauty brand Glossier is like the pretty, alternative, cool girl I wanted to be after nine years of Catholic school. Like Shannyn Sossamon in 40 Days and 40 Nights or Julia Stiles in 10 Things I Hate About You. It’s feminine but not over the top, stylish without being pretentious and not into cliques.

I first tried Glossier a few years ago. I’m a longtime fan of Into the Gloss and founder Emily Weiss — who remembers her flying in on her chic broomstick and showing LC and Whitney what’s up on The Hills? I decided to jump on the brow grooming bandwagon and their Boy Brow quickly became one of the staples in my daily makeup routine. They make a brown shade that blends perfectly with my brows and helps fill them in without looking obvious — I don’t look great with a heavily shaped Insta brow.

Since then, I’ve tried pretty much the entire line and have loved just about all of it, tbh. I like the simple, effective formulas, subtle scents and the price is right. In honor of this week’s Glossier Play launch, here are my favorite products:

Perfecting Skin Tint
When I first tried this stuff, my skin was in rough shape with breakouts and scars. It didn’t feel like enough coverage to me. But as I found the right skincare products and began to feel better about my complexion, I started to appreciate a lighter makeup look. It feels great as you apply it and I love its dewy effect.

Stretch ConcealerThis is my go-to concealer for my eye area and around my nose. I don’t find it thick enough for covering a zit but it knocks out redness and helps me look more awake.

Lash Slick
I’ve been a Diorshow girl since college. It was the first premium beauty product I purchased and I stayed loyal … until Lash Slick came out. The brush flawlessly separates my lashes, it doesn’t clump and it washes off easily. I like that it’s a happy medium between a regular and waterproof formula. If I want a bit more volume, I’ll still layer it with a lash primer like this one.

Mega Greens Galaxy Pack + Moisturizing Moon Mask
This mask duo is a delightful one-two punch to refresh your skin. It’s a wonderful midweek pick me up to deep clean without stripping and deeply hydrate. My skin always looks fresh and bright after this little at-home spa treatment.

Milky Jelly Cleanser
The texture of this face wash is just right if you don’t want something as rich as a cream cleanser or as potentially drying as a gel. I typically used it in the morning, rather than for removing my makeup at night. And now they have a travel size!

Glossier, I’m still trying to be as cool as you. Even though I suspect I may be on thin ice with Craig due to the copious amounts of pink bubble wrap pouches accumulating around our home, it’s a risk I’m willing to take. Beam me up into your pale pink mothership, Glossier.

Stay tuned for Empty Bottle Reviews for the rest of the products shown in the image above.

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