Empty Bottle Review: Era Organics Revive+ Scrub

I’ve always been hesitant when it comes to face scrubs. As an acne sufferer, I’ve always thought scrubs would be make it worse. And while I still don’t advocate using an abrasive scrub on a very active breakout, I was pleasantly surprised by how well my skin tolerated Era Organics Revive+ Microdermabrasion Face Scrub.

Included in one of the LadyGang’s awesome boxes, this scrub peaked my interest because of one of its main ingredients, Manuka honey. This super honey is always in our house because of its skin-soothing and healing properties. Sore throat? Manuka honey in tea. Burn yourself on a curling iron or skillet? Manuka honey will stop the pain and help avoid a painful blister. Era Organics included Manuka honey in this scrub to fight bacteria, moisturize and firm the skin.

There’s also aloe vera and rapeseed oil in there and if microbeads hurt your hippie heart, not to worry — the little scrubbers in this product are actually broken up walnut shells. Like Andrew Zimmern, I can’t really stand walnuts (they just taste greasy to me, ew) but they left my skin so incredibly smooth and it didn’t feel like they were damaging my skin.

This is what I liked so much about this scrub from Era Organics. Using it 2-3 times a week at night helped brighten my complexion and gently remove dead skin so every product I applied afterwards absorbed better. No tightness. No burning when I followed with a toner a la Home Alone. My skin was moisturized and refreshed afterwards, not red and angry.

I chose not to use it as a mask which you certainly could, especially if you have an active breakout. You’ll still get the benefits of these amazing ingredients and washing it away with your hands will provide a bit of gentle exfoliation.

When an esthetician told me to add a scrub to my routine, I originally thought she was just trying to sell me something, but the Revive+ scrub from Era Organics was a sweet, all-natural surprise my skin ended up being thankful for.

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