Empty Bottle Review: Glossier Solution

If you’re a follower of this blog, you know I’m a toner girl. I have been loyal to these stinky, burning potions since I hit puberty and honestly can’t imagine my skincare routine not including one. I was so excited to try Glossier’s new Solution I bought it way before I was even out of my current formula.

I had seen the rave reviews, the beautifully curated Instagram posts. I wanted it to be better than more expensive toners I tried.

It was good, but not as good as I wanted it to be.

I decided to use Solution at night to prep my skin for my stronger serums. I also tend to work out at night so I like a really deep clean to get rid of any sweat and lingering makeup residue (PLEASE REMOVE YOUR MAKEUP BEFORE EXERCISE. YOUR PORES ARE SCREAMING.)

One of the things Glossier does particularly well is packaging. I love the push down pump top of this product since I seem to constantly have butter hands that drop everything. I used 3-5 pumps to moisten (ew) a cotton round and then applied it to my face and neck.

I got quite the tingle from this product. While this doesn’t scare me, I don’t necessarily enjoy it. As I’ve gotten older and (maybe) wiser, I’ve learned skincare doesn’t have to hurt to work. But I didn’t notice any lingering redness, tightness or dryness so I won’t knock it for the burn.

The product absorbed quickly and I was able to layer all my products on top (including retinol) without any discomfort.

Based on all the reviews, I expected this pink bottle to keep hormonal breakouts at bay. Sadly, I still experienced some breakouts around my chin and jawline. Maybe for someone with a more consistent, all-over breakout this product will deliver those results, but after trying Solution and the Zit Stick, I’m just not that impressed with Glossier’s anti-acne efforts tbh.

Is it a quality toner at a reasonable price? For sure. But I remain loyal to my expensive, smelly P50 1970, the best toner I know.


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