Empty Bottle Review: Joanna Vargas Daily Serum

Living in NYC has presented plenty of challenges for my skin from pollution to the instant sheen of sweat I’m covered in after entering the subway (ick). This city is also home to some of the top skincare experts and one of them is Joanna Vargas. I had her Daily Serum on my list of products to try for months when I finally used up the vitamin C I had been working through and decided to bite the bullet.

I mean, anything dubbed “green juice for your face” was worth a try, am I right?

And let’s be clear. This serum is green. It also smells like those Flintstones vitamin C chewables we all took as kids, which is certainly not a bad thing. It has a gel-like texture and one pump was always enough for me to cover my face and neck. I would give it about 30 seconds to absorb before following with a moisturizer and didn’t experience any issues.

What I noticed most of all with Daily Serum is that it made me look fresher and more awake (much like I hope paying $10 for a bottle of green juice does). When I applied it, my skin was smoother and felt hydrated and fresh throughout the day. I layered it with both tinted moisturizer and regular moisturizer and added foundation on top sometimes. All applied smoothly and stayed put.

If you’re interested in adding a vitamin C product and a hyaluronic acid product to your routine, I suggest going for this one for the two-in-one benefit and saving a step (and some cash).

My one gripe would be the oil-balancing claim. I couldn’t say it made me any less shiny and I definitely wouldn’t call this product mattifying, so that was a bit of a letdown.

I would say the search continues on that front, but I think I just found the answer. Coming soon…

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