Empty Bottle Review: Rodial Dragon’s Blood Eye Gel

The first department store beauty product I ever purchased was eye cream. I’ve been obsessively hydrating my peepers since I was 18, morning and night, and eye cream is a product I simply refuse to live without. In need of a new daytime formula, I picked up Rodial’s Dragon’s Blood Eye Gel while visiting Space NK in London.

During the day, I prefer a gel formula as opposed to heavy cream so my eye makeup doesn’t crease and I don’t end up looking like a raccoon from my mascara. In terms of texture, Rodial’s eye gel was a perfect match. When I applied makeup over it, my shadow stayed in place all day without any annoying lines. It’s not too thick and a little bit goes a very very long way. I bought this jar last December and just finished it at the end of September.

I’ve had trouble in the past with eye creams stinging, mostly because I’m crazy about covering the entire eye area. I apply my eye treatments to the lid, under the eye and all around it, even covering my eye brows to help them grow. In short, I don’t have time for crow’s feet. This Dragon’s Blood Eye Gel doesn’t burn or sting and didn’t interfere with my contacts.

I can’t say for certain what impact it would have on any deep wrinkles, but it did help me look more awake and refreshed each morning. My eyes looked brighter and less puffy shortly after putting it on. I bet keeping it in the fridge would only help with that effect, but I live in NYC and fridge space is precious.

With how long it lasted and the absence of any of the usual pitfalls of eye cream or gel, Rodial Dragon’s Blood Eye Gel is definitely worth a try. And with how long it lasted, it’s likely to be the only eye product you need to buy for a long time.

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