Empty Bottle Review: Creme Dermopurifiante + Creme Placenta

Moisturizing is a tricky business when you’re a greasy girl. People with acne tend to run from thick moisturizers thinking they cause more zits (and some can) but what many dermatologists and estheticians have told me is oily skin really does need moisture. You just have to choose the right one. As I’m sure you’re well aware, I’m a Biologique Recherche devotee, but two of the products I was most apprehensive about were the Creme Dermopurifiante and the Creme Placenta.

These two moisturizers were recommended to me for use at night to help balance and heal my skin that was breaking out all too often and marked with scars. It was not love at first sight. Biologique Recherche don’t contain any dyes or fragrances so these creams are basically the color of brown butter and smell like, well, what’s in them. Creme Placenta has the strongest scent, which I got used to. I can’t say Craig ever did.

They texture is very creamy and somewhat slippery. It took a bit of work to massage the products into my skin and while I usually say a little goes a long way, I’m starting to reconsider whether that’s a philosophy I should follow anymore. I was listening to an older interview with Tata Harper on the Goop podcast The Beauty Closet (love, love, love) and she explained many people don’t see the benefits of their products because they are using so little. The suggested amounts to apply are there for a reason (and it’s not just for you to need to buy a new bottle or jar faster). At the most basic level, products expire.

Think about it, when you have a facial, they really slather everything on. That’s why you leave looking all out-of-this-world glowy. So while you certainly don’t need a huge dollop of moisturizer, using more than a pinch is probably a good idea.

OK, I digress.

I tried joining the facial oil club, adding a few drops of Drunk Elephant Marula Oil on top, which I love because it’s the only facial that hasn’t made me break out, but this felt like too much. I think the texture of the Biologique Recherche creams are what kept it from absorbing into my skin.

As for the results I saw, these two moisturizers absolutely kept redness, tightness and dryness at bay and didn’t make me break out. I preferred to use Creme Placenta on the nights I used my stronger retinol serum.

Using them along with the rest of my regimen helped clear up my skin (especially around my jaw) and I noticed post-acne marks faded faster. If your skin is in the midst of a freakout, I highly recommend them. If your skin isn’t oily, you can also use Creme Dermopurifiante during the daytime, as it’s the lighter and more pleasant-smelling of the two.

Now that my skin is more balanced, I’ve moved on to other moisturizers (my wish list is long) but should I notice anything getting out of control this winter, I’ll definitely go back for these.

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