Brand Spotlight: My Top Biologique Recherche Picks

When it comes to my relationship with Biologique Recherche, it was love at first tingle. This luxury French skincare line is renowned for its innovative products that are all about natural ingredients without any unnecessary additives. No fragrances, no dyes or preservatives — high end clean beauty at its best. And stinkiest.

I first heard about Biologique Recherche through Into the Gloss, on a mission to learn more about this infamous P50 toner I kept seeing on every fellow skincare obsessive’s list of must haves. My gateway to the brand was Rescue Spa and they’ve been my go-to source for everything BR ever since. I’ve had several facials there using these products that has helped me discover the items I’ll repurchase again and again.

Here are my Biologique Recherche faves:

Lait VIP O2
I prefer a cream cleanser to an oil cleanser and it doesn’t get better than this one. Lait VIP O2 gently removes all my makeup without stinging and leaves my skin hydrated. Removing it with a cotton or muslin cloth works best to really get it all. I use this cleasner in the evening followed by Tatcha’s gentle rice polish.

Lotion P50 1970
I worked my way up to the OG version of this exfoliating toner and it has truly changed the texture of my skin. It’s smoother, more even and clearer. Plus, everything I apply afterward absorbs better and works better. It’s a staple of my morning routine. Check out my full review here.

Lotion P50 PIGM 400
If I want a little less tingle, I’ll go for the PIGM version in the P50 toner range to help with hyperpigmentation. For a while, I was using 1970 in the morning and PIGM 400 in the evening, but now I stick to once a day, using it before I apply Masque Vivant. Check out my full review here.

Masque Vivant
The mask to end all masks. I always have one open bottle and one full backup of this sticky mask with the texture and color of chocolate syrup and the smell of Vegemite. It helps balance the oiliness of my skin and cleans out my pores without drying. I use it in the morning three times a week and when I travel without it, I always regret it.

Serum Placenta and Serum Complexe Iribiol
These two quintessential serums are ideal for anyone with acne-prone skin. Serum Complexe Iribiol helps clear up and prevent acne while Serum Placenta is perfect for healing blemishes and reducing post-acne marks. Fair warning, the scent of the entire Placenta range is something to get used to. I use Iribiol in the morning and Placenta in the evening before my retinol. Check out my full review here.

Learn more about my favorites from Glossier here.

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