6 Must-visit NYC Beauty Destinations

Man do I love New York. NYC is the place I’ve always known I wanted to call home and right now, all I want to do is get dressed up and go on a date with my city a la Carrie Bradshaw.

NYC is also a city with limitless options to indulge my beauty obsession. Sure, we have more Sephora stores than might be necessary (don’t @ me) but it’s these standout spas and retailers that have become my favorite places to visit since we moved to Chelsea in 2018. They’ve also claimed a fair amount of my money.

Rescue Spa
My adoration for Rescue Spa is well documented on this blog. It’s where I first discovered Biologique Recherche and where I had my first facial that actually seemed worth the money. My recommendation is their Rescue Facial with microdermabrasion. Every time I get this treatment done, I leave with skin that glows for weeks afterwards. You also can’t beat their product selection, which their helpful staff will answer any and all questions about.

Looking for another winning facial, I kept seeing Naturopathica come up in interviews with beauty editors. I booked their signature facial for my birthday last year and it was such a relaxing, delightful experience. With ingredients like Manuka honey and cherries, I actually wanted to eat everything they put on my face. My skin was so dewy, bright and hydrated afterwards, I only added some lipstick and mascara before dinner.

New London Pharmacy
I’d been shopping New London’s website back in Metro Detroit long before our move, picking up French favorites like Hexomedine. I swear I didn’t move around the corner from this independent pharmacy on purpose but I’m sure glad I did. They have a wonderful selection of European and clean beauty products along with the best-smelling candles. Craig won Christmas this year by stopping at New London for stocking stuffers. Lesson: Men can be trained.

NYC isn’t the only place Follain calls home, but I’m lucky it’s just a short walk from me in the West Village. Any excuse to go to the West Village. Their clean beauty selection is amazing but the service is really what sealed the deal for me. Their staff will happily make recommendations and give you a plethora of samples to take home and try before making a purchase so you know a product works for you. I can’t wait to go back in.

Bergdorf Goodman Beauty Floor
If you want luxury, there’s no place like Bergdorf Goodman. Visiting this famous department store is truly an outing and the beauty department is a haven. If you’re looking to invest in the very best makeup and skincare from around the world, this is your stop. Bring your credit card. The one with the highest limit.

ABC Carpet & Home
This choice may seem random but trust me, ABC has a wonderful selection of clean skin care, hair care, body care and makeup. That’s on top of the most gorgeous home furnishings, accessories and more. You can also usually find a rep from a brand like Tracie Martyn on hand for a demo. It’s my go-to store for gifts. After shopping, be sure to check out one of the restaurants on site. The kale salad at ABC Kitchen is the only kale salad I’ve ever craved in my life.

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