March Beauty Round-up

How is everyone?

Let’s not beat around the bush. March was a fucked up month that was like 200 days long. It was surreal and scary and the surreal and scary show no signs of letting up. To be honest, it’s really taken a toll on my productivity. I’ve tried to get things done around the house, work out, cook and write as best I can, but some days I just need to put on a face mask and stream. Face masks fix everything, don’t they?

Self-care has become an important ritual to start and end my day and it’s been fun to try out new beauty products knowing my skin can react in private. I really wonder how much makeup I’ll go back to wearing when we start going out more and more regularly TBH. Me and foundation were already on the outs.

When it comes to my beauty arsenal, toners and face masks are always abundant. So it makes sense I finished up two of each this month:


AMOREPACIFIC Treatment Toner — I love a toner and this is one of my favorites to use at night because it really does what it claims: soothe and balance. At nighttime, I use stronger serums, whereas in the morning my toner is stronger (my beloved P50 1970). This serum calms any redness and helps all of my other products work better. No stinging or burning. It should also be noted all AMOREPACIFIC products smell absolutely amazing and this one is no exception. They need to make a scented candle ASAP.

Renée Rouleau Rapid Response Detox Masque — The texture and color of this mask are just gorgeous. It’s a smooth gel that’s easy to spread over your skin with a golden, shimmering texture that feels luxurious. In just 15 minutes, it really gives your skin a reset, helping to send any existing acne packing and keep more from popping up. And it does all of this without burning or drying out your skin. It’s just lovely.


Skin Inc Pure Deepsea Hydrating Overnight Mask — Now, this pass is not a total pass. This beautiful crystal clear mask always leaves my skin hydrated, smooth and even after I use it with my Optimizer Voyage Tri-Light. There’s no strong scent and it’s in no way irritating. I honestly haven’t slept with it on, because it feels too heavy and I’m a side sleeper. The reason it’s a pass is because it’s a bit pricey to use multiple times a week with my devices. I think I’ll try a tube of aloe vera and see if I notice a major difference.

Pixi Vitamin-C Juice Cleanser — I feel like both of my “pass” choices this month have caveats. I used this cleansing mask after removing a face mask so avoid further stripping my skin with a stronger toner. I’ve been trying to avoid over-exfoliation. While it worked perfectly well for the purpose of removing any remaining mask, it didn’t really do anything else that I noticed, especially when it’s called out for brightening.

See what else I’ve used up here.

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