5 Great Buys: A New Season

Summer is officially over next Tuesday. At least I got one beach day in, right? Now a new season begins, which means a fresh start (we hope). But no matter how the seasons change, one thing is for sure: I’m gonna buy shit.

I love sharing products I find that help provide solutions. I’m the one in my friend group people come to for recommendations for everything from hostess gifts to hair creams because I love to research products online before spending money. As if you couldn’t tell already from this blog. So I decided to start a new monthly series, 5 Great Buys, to share some of my top finds.

Here are the winners from the past month:

Chic Geeks Faux Crocodile MacBook Case
My MacBook and I have been on a JOURNEY this past month. She scared me half to death when she stopped charging out of nowhere just as I finished my book (thank you, cloud). Now that she got an obnoxiously expensive tune-up, I decided it was time for a new case to keep her (and my wallet) safe. This one looks so luxe.

P.volve Ultimate Kit
I been working out pretty consistently for the past year, but once my go-to pilates studio closed for good, I knew I needed to switch it up. As a former dancer, my joints have been through hell so I need something low impact but high intensity. I’ve been doing P.volve workouts for the past week and am really liking it so far. This kit has everything you need to create a home gym and you can use this gear with plenty of other programs. I’ll do a full review soon.

Yankee Candle Macintosh
I am very picky with my scents. When it comes to candles, I don’t want anything too sweet like vanilla or really any candle that smells like a baked good. I’d get too hungry. For me, fall reminds me of going to my favorite cider mill back in Metro Detroit so my one and only fall candle has to be this one. It smells crisp and fresh without being cloying.

Uniqlo AIRism Face Mask
Hi, it’s me, here with your friendly reminder the pandemic is NOT over. If you’re in need of a new face mask, everyone’s favorite Japanese store for durable, comfy basics has you covered. These masks are breathable, so so soft and provide space around your nose and mouth so you can breathe and talk comfortably. Great for working out.

Reusable Skincare Spatulas
I’ve been trying to avoid putting my hands into my skincare products as much as possible. But not every product in a jar comes with an applicator, or it comes with a flimsy plastic one. This seems a little extra but they’re under $10 (4-pack) and feel much more solid. They also come with a plastic case for storage and travel.

Check back next month to see my latest round of buys.

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