5 Great Buys: It’s Time to Move

Our move to the UK is just a week away, which means two things: 1. Saying goodbye to favorite faces and places (like the Met, pictured above). 2. That I am deep into the “stock up” phase of relocating. I have deployed all of my moving lists and it seems like something is getting delivered every 15 minutes.

When we moved to Japan, I bought a ton of stuff ahead of time — even trash bags — just to avoid any shopping confusion with packing I couldn’t read. Obviously, we won’t have a language issue this time around, so I didn’t have to do as much hoarding. I just picked up some things I knew I couldn’t get shipped to England or to replace worn-out items we didn’t want to bring along.

Here are five items I picked up ahead of the move:

GHD Paddle Brush
The only way I can blow out my own hair is with a paddle brush. I’ve tried to use a round one, but it’s a lost cause. The latest one I’m trying is this brush from GHD, the maker of my flat iron. It’s probably the most luxe one I’ve ever used, but it’s very gentle on my hair and helps me get a sleek blowout quickly.

MUJI Unbleached Cotton Squares
I do have reusable cotton rounds, but if I’m removing nail polish or want something disposable for traveling, these are my hands-down favorite. I find I can use less toner or makeup remover with them since they don’t eat up all of it. They also never pill or fall apart as you’re working with them and the texture is oh so soft.

OXO Good Grips Silicone Oven Mitt
I’m constantly roasting or baking something for dinner (not dessert, I’m not a baker) and my old cloth oven mitts were pretty worn out. I really like these because of the silicone which makes it easier to grip pans, blocks out the heat and means you can rinse them off under the tap to keep them clean. Such an easy upgrade for a kitchen essential.

Hunter Women’s Huntress Wide Leg Rain Boots
I’m moving to the UK, so I had to have these. I’ve actually had a pair of Hunter boots before, but they were too tight around my calves. Thankfully, they offer styles like these with a wider shaft. Now I can comfortably wear them with chunky socks or tuck my pants into them. Excuse me, trousers. Can’t make that mistake again or I’m going to get some strange looks.

Maaji Calm 5 Pack Face Coverings
I’m going to continue sharing great face masks as a reminder to keep fucking wearing them. I wanted some more colorful options and this set of five fit the bill. The fabric is stretchy and not too thick and the middle seam keeps them off of my mouth so it’s easier to breathe and talk. I definitely want to get more to see what new patterns they send me.

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