5 Great Buys: Lockdown Edition

Craig and I are pretty much lockdown pros at this point. We spent most of March and April in lockdown in NYC, so when we found out England would be in a lockdown for almost an entire month — the one we happened to arrive in — we weren’t really phased.

But that’s not to say we didn’t get bored. Our serviced apartment is nice, but without much of a view, we were more than happy to get outside even on the drizzly days once our first two weeks were up (we had to quarantine after entering the country).

To make lockdown more comfortable, I leaned into self care. Hard. And these 5 Great Buys fit the bill:

Hey Dewy
I had this mini, portable humidifier on my list for a while after spotting it on Instagram. It’s just so cute! I like to use a humidifier during the colder months since I tend to wake up with a stuffy nose and my skin gets drier. This one works wonderfully on both counts. I plug it into my iPhone charger on my nightstand and it lets out a gentle mist all night long. There’s two settings (constant or intermittent) as well as a lighting option.

Glytone Ultra Softening Heel and Elbow Cream
I don’t usually get that many pedicures each year, but not having had a single one in 2020 was starting to show on my feet. This very rich cream — made with a high dose of glycolic acid — knocked out my cracked heels in less than two weeks. Using it daily, it encouraged any dead skin to gently slough off. No pain or sensitivity either. Full disclosure: I actually used it incorrectly and left it on for too long (overnight) but didn’t experience any irritation.

Onzie Sweats
I didn’t pack a lot of clothes since I knew we wouldn’t be going out much at all during this first month. Needless to say, I got sick of my lockdown wardrobe pretty quickly and decided it was time for some new comfy sweats. This matching set (top and pants) is super soft and not too baggy around my ankles, which is quite a perk for a short lady like me.

Kérastase Elixir Ultime L’huile
London’s hard water has been hard on my bleached hair. I grabbed this oil to help nourish the mids to ends of my hair and it’s definitely been helping to reduce split ends. The blend of freesia, mandarin, violet and musk smells very nice and one pump is all I need on dry hair.

I knew one of the biggest challenges for us in quarantine and lockdown was going to be food delivery. We didn’t have local numbers for a while which made delivery tricky and we couldn’t leave the apartment for the first two weeks. Thankfully I found this meal delivery service which is amazing. Seriously, every meal we’ve tried has been delicious. Since they’re not frozen, they don’t need to be microwaved forever and don’t get soggy. The turkey bolognese and thai fish curry are two faves.

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