Empty Bottle Review: Serum Amniotique E.

Empty Bottle Review: Serum Amniotique E.

I’m a sucker for an impulse purchase. Give me a good up-sell and I’ll probably bite. Within reason. For all my skin woes, I’m especially a sucker for a post-facial purchase. When my esthetician at Rescue Spa suggested Serum Amniotique E. from Biologique Recherche, I didn’t bat an eye at the $70 price tag (I know).

Ring that shit up.

She recommended I apply a few drops from this little vial at night at the end of my routine to give my winter skin a little extra love. But I decided to go another route.

I’ve known for a while hydrated skin is the best canvas for all the products that come after. So I decided to use this one after cleansing and toning and before my stronger serums. In particular, my retinol, to help prevent irritation. Because this serum has a very thin, watery texture, it made sense to apply it before creams or gels so my skin would get the most out of it.

I used just three drops for my entire face and my skin sucked it up in seconds. Everything else I applied after absorbed just as well.

I can attest Serum Amniotique E. got me through the winter without any dry skin (usually this pops up around my mouth and on my chin). But that’s about it. No adverse side effects and it made a great base for my other products, but I have to say I’ve gotten the same results from much cheaper options, like this one. I would imagine someone with more sensitive skin might see a greater benefit, but this greasy face didn’t really need it.

It definitely hasn’t turned me away from BR products (if you haven’t noticed already) but I’ll probably leave this splurge behind.

Empty Bottle Review: Environ Sebu-Wash

Empty Bottle Review: Environ Sebu-Wash

Happy Monday! This week, I’m sharing my review of Sebu-Wash from Environ. But before we get there, I have to say … it’s the best day of the year.


Because it’s the day after Easter and that means HALF OFF ALL CANDY. For us childless folks, this is our holiday. A gentleman at the drugstore agreed with me enthusiastically as we both filed our baskets with bags of jelly beans and Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs and then the clouds parted and I remembered there are still good people in this shitty world.

I digress (because I’m high on sugar) …

Sebu-wash was recommended to me by another one of the ace estheticians at Rescue Spa, where I treated myself to a facial this weekend (full post coming later this week). She suggested it to help combat oil and keep my breakouts in check. Since they’ve never steered me wrong before, I immediately added it to my cart.

The texture of this cleanser is a gel and it creates a nice, rich lather. I like to use it after removing my makeup in the evening. You could probably use it with a scrubbing brush as well.

My dermatologist recommended always massaging cleanser into your face for at least 30 seconds before rinsing and I found once I started really taking my time with it, I began to see the benefits of Sebu-Wash. My skin feels clean without being tight and I haven’t experienced any dryness at all. Any product, makeup or dirt left over is gone. I still wake up in the morning with a straight-up reflective complexion, so I can’t say much for its oil-control claims, especially since I’ve never used it during the day. But the salicylic acid and tea tree oil in this wash have definitely helped clarify my skin without being harsh.

The only thing I don’t love about this product is the smell. I’m personally not a fan of tea tree oil, but it’s not so overpowering I would avoid using Sebu-Wash. I mean, my skin is clearly a fan. I left it back in NYC when I went back to Detroit for almost two weeks and experienced more breakouts and my skin felt more congested overall. I’ll definitely be packing it on my next trip.

All in all, a solid choice for squeaky clean skin that doesn’t make your face feel like your skin shrunk a la Leatherface. Give it a try!

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